Mahatma Gandhi Quotes and Sayings

Mahatma Gandhi was born October 2, 1869 in Porbandar in Gujarat. It comes from the caste of Vayshia and his family is relatively easy. Child, mother inculcates values ​​Hindus but also learns about other religions and tolerance towards them. This is probably during this period that will shape the moral beliefs of Gandhi.
According to the customs of his caste, his family marries to 14 with Kasturbai which will remain his wife all his life. Growing Gandhi becomes convinced that there will be someone that breaking with the customs of India and by copying the English lifestyle. So logically he sailed for England in 1888, leaving his wife and child to pursue his law studies.


mahatma Gandhi Quotes

mahatma Gandhi Quotes

mahatma Gandhi Quotes
Paradoxically, it is in London that Gandhi reads the main texts of Hinduism, especially the Bhagavad-Gita that profoundly influence. He also discovers the life of Buddha, Jesus, Mohammed and met the English Theosophists.
After three years in England and his law graduation, Gandhi returned to India. Unfortunately his career is sinking and remains torn between his Hindu roots and his attraction to the Western bourgeoisie. In 1893 an Indian company asked him to go to South Africa to defend its interests in a trial. Gandhi agrees. He does not know it yet, but it is the turning point in his life.

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